Seascape standard Strawberry

(Fragaria vesca)

Full to Part Sun. day neutral everbearing type. Self-fertile

day-neutral everbearing type.  Seascape is a wonderful day-neutral/everbearing type that boasts large berry size and incredible flavor.  Most plants have an exceptionally perfect-shaped “king berry” which is the first berry of the season.  Day-neutral strawberries continue to produce berries from spring through fall so you can continue snacking on your own ripe “out of season” strawberries!  None of the day-neutral strawberries are as productive as the spring-bearing types, so think of them as more of a snack or supplement to other berries throughout the season.  Or devote a large area to growing them if you want marketable quantities through the summer and fall.   . .

3″ pots $3.50, Quart pots $7

Availability of plants varies from day to day. Please call before you come to check availability.