Seedling Siberian Pea Shrub

(Caragana arborescens)

Full Sun. Grows up to 15′ tall, but can be pruned smaller, well drained soil, self-fertile

*note: we are dropping this plant since it doesn’t seem to thrive in our climate and/or soil. remaining stock 50% off* This is a leguminous shrub that can be planted among other plants to add nitrogen to the soil.  The bee-attracting yellow blossoms in late spring turn to edible pods that can be eaten green like snow peas or left to dry when they are full of small dry beans.   These are 36% protein and can be cooked and eaten by humans, though they are most often given to chickens who readily gobble them up.   Often planted in poultry yards for this purpose.   Shrub can grow to 15’ but are easily kept pruned or coppiced back to much smaller sizes.   Heavy pruning and laying the stems as mulch is also the best way to utilize the nitrogen fixing aspect of this plant (and other N fixers).   Often slow growing in our region – may not be well adapted to our soils or climate.  Best in full sun, and prefers well-drained soil.   Zone 2-9. Nitrogen Fixer. .

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