Methley Asian Plum

Full Sun. Full Size on Myrobalan 29-C, space 15′-20′ apart, self-fertile

Most European and Japanese plums are extremely prone to insect and disease problems in the Midwest.  However, many of our customers still ask for them so we have decided to offer a few varieties that supposedly have more resistance to fruit rots.   European plums tend to have a more upright growth habit like pears, while Japanese plums are more spreading like a peach tree.  Grafted onto Myrobalan 29-C which makes a full-sized (15-25’ tall x wide) tree that is very tolerant of wet soils and is resistant to various plum root diseases.   Space 15’-20’ apart.

. . Grafted

Gallon* pots $18, 2-gallon* pots $30, 4-gallon* pots $38

Plants are rarely available in ALL sizes listed, and availability of plants varies from day to day. Please call before you come to check availability.