Caroline Red Raspberry

(Rubus idaeus)

Full Sun. everbearing, disease resistant

Very vigorous, one of the best-flavored “everbearing” types: will crop early summer and again in the fall if only the dead (second year) shoots are selectively pruned out every winter. Most market growers (including us) mow down the entire plant every winter, resulting in a heavier crop of high quality berries in the fall only. Has good resistance to root rot diseases, but still needs a raised bed to thrive in our heavy clay.  Tolerant to grey mold. Caroline has shown exceptionally high antioxidant levels compared to other red raspberries.  Plant 1’-2’ apart in row; will fill in row with suckers in a year or two.  Does not need trellising.  Self fertile. . North American native plant.

Quart pots $7, Gallon* pots $14

Plants are rarely available in ALL sizes listed, and availability of plants varies from day to day. Please call before you come to check availability.