Brambleberry Eco-grown Nursery Stock

Since starting Brambleberry Farm in 2003 we have raised a multitude of fruit and berry plants to fruition with only organic practices. We selectively plant out only disease-resistant cultivars and species to boost our chances at overcoming many disease and pest pressures in our humid Midwest climate. What we offer for sale are mostly the plants we’ve had on-the-ground success with, but also some that are not bearing yet but have good potential to be grown successfully without the use of synthetic sprays. 

As ecological farmers, we feel very strongly about the importance of living soils . We grow our plants in potting mix containing a high volume of live compost , peat moss, pine bark nuggets, composted chicken manure and alfalfa meal. We believe that these plants are much healthier, happier, and less prone to insect, disease, and drought pressures as a result of their living soil. In addition, they will inoculate your own soils wherever you plant them with beneficial microorganisms and fungi!

Newly grafted fruit trees, seedlings, and hardwood cuttings


We keep regular hours during the months of April through June: open 9-5 Saturdays, and 9-5 “Call Ahead” hours on weekdays. “Call Ahead” hours means that we are open for business, but occasionally are away from the farm, so you should
call us before you come just in case we’re out running errands.  During the months of July-October we usually have call ahead hours as well, see our Facebook page for updates.  We are also willing to make appointments outside of these hours if necessary, please either message us, call us or email us to schedule an appointment.  We can make appointments any day of the week (except Sundays).

How to Purchase Plants:

Come visit us at the farm! We do not ship plants and we do not take orders.  We carry a very large selection of unique plants and varieties, each in relatively small quantity.  This makes pre-ordering difficult—we prefer for customers to come browse in person.  However many of our customers drive over an hour to reach us, so please don’t hesitate to message us, call us or email us to make sure we have what you’re looking for in stock or to schedule an appointment if you can’t make it on a regular open hours day. You can purchase gift certificates at our Square online store to be redeemed here at the farm.

Exceptions to the no shipping rule: in season we will ship scionwood, comfrey root cuttings, and tubers such as sunchokes.


We DO NOT SHIP plants.  We can arrange door-to-door delivery for large orders.  Delivery fees for door-to-door service are the same as driving rates for consulting. This could be worth your while if you are interested in a personal consultation for your landscape or garden.


The State of Indiana requires us to add sales tax (unless we are delivering to you out of state)!  Prices do not include tax.

Everything except grafted trees:   Quart pots $8.00; one gallon pots* $16.00; two gallon pots* $28.00

Grafted varieties:  one gallon*  $20.00, two gallon pots* $34.00, 3-5 gallon pots $45

*size designations are nominal. We use “trade gallons” (which are slightly less than a gallon) as well as recycled pots that may vary in exact size.  

Plants are RARELY available in all sizes listed at any given time. Quart pots and Gallon pots are most common. For example, the listing for serviceberries may say 3″ pots $4.00, quart pots $8, gallon pots $16. In the spring we may have 3″ pots available but no gallons. By that fall we would have quarts and gallons available but nothing in 3″ pots. This is also part of the reason we do not take pre-orders. Inventory is next to impossible to keep straight with plants.

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts: 15% off over $1000.

Quantity discounts apply to the total after any sale prices are taken off.  

Scionwood and Cutting Stock

For customers interested in propagating your own plants: We have a decent selection of scionwood available for purchase from our grafted fruit trees.  We occasionally may have extra cutting stock from species of berries and shrubs that are easily propagated by cuttings.   We ship these propagation units at dormant times of the year, and occasionally may ship certain non-dormant sticks such as bud wood for summer bud grafting.  Browse availability and purchase at our Square store.

Seasonal Availability

The widest selection of plants will be available starting around mid to late May.  Since we offer potted plants, they may be successfully planted at any time of the year, unlike bare-root stock.   We still recommend planting earlier summer and later fall, especially if you have hot, dry summers.   If planting in the middle of the summer, potted nursery stock can still do very well but must be kept watered until established.


Since we do not ship plants, customers can see and select from the plants available to ensure that they receive a quality, viable plant.   However, if you feel like a plant did not succeed due to an error on our part, please let us know and we are happy to work with you to come up with a fair solution.  We will first offer replacement plants if they are available, and if not we will offer money back.  We do not guarantee plants past the current year’s growing season – i.e. plants that die over the winter are not eligible for replacement. 

Recycling Discount

We reuse plant pots as much as possible to reduce plastic waste, and are happy to accept returns of pots in good condition. We offer rebates on returned pots to encourage recycling: 50 cents for our gallon size or larger pots, 15 cents for our quart pots and 5 cents for the 3″ pots. They must be the exact size and shape of the pots we use, please.