Contact and Hours


We keep regular hours during the months of April through June: open 9-5 Saturdays, and 9-5 “Call Ahead” hours on weekdays. “Call Ahead” hours means that we are open for business, but occasionally are away from the farm, so you should call us before you come just in case we’re out running errands.  During the months of July-October we usually have call ahead hours as well, see our Facebook page for updates.  We are also willing to make appointments outside of these hours if necessary, please either message uscall us or email us to schedule an appointment.  We can make appointments any day of the week (except Sunday mornings).


 Our address will not necessarily get you to our farm, but it will get mail to our mailbox:

Brambleberry Farm

1638 E County Rd 100 N

Paoli, IN 47454

For directions to the farm we are on Google maps as “Brambleberry Farm, Paoli, IN” or here are written directions:
Take hwy 56 East out of Paoli.  About a mile out of town, after dropping down a big hill, turn LEFT at the top of the next rise at county road 40 N (this is the first county rd after town, and it’s also marked “Marshal Rd”).  Stay on this until you come to a Y (about 1.2 miles).  Stay RIGHT at the Y – this is county road 100 N.  We are the second place on the LEFT after the Y (less than 1/4 mile).  We share a mailbox with two other families, and all three numbers are on the box, but ours is not very visible from a distance.  the more legible number on the mailbox is 1636.  Our house is on the left side of the lane and has a large glass greenhouse on the front. 


Espri’s number here.  Darren’s number here.  Either of us can answer general nursery stock questions, but call Espri for questions related to wooden spoons and cutting boards, and Darren can help with more detailed questions related to fruit trees.  Please send a text if you are not able to reach us.


Click here for email.