Celandine Poppy Stylophorum

Stylophorum diphyllum -Part to Full Shade–  NA Native Woodland Wildflower

This attractive woodland wildflower will grow well in zones 4-8 in with little to no care in rich woodland soils. It can tolerate drier, sunnier sites with some care. Bright yellow showy flowers bloom in April, and are followed by attractive fuzzy seed pods. After seeds drop out of its large, hairy pods, Celandine Poppy will go dormant. Seedlings will readily emerge everywhere if fresh seed is scattered on the soil surface. There is also a European species known as Celandine Poppy that is somewhat weedy and invasive. The two can be differentiated by their seed pods: the European has smooth pods.

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8

North American native plant,   

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