Nanking Bush Cherry

(Prunus tomentosa) -Full Sun to Part Shade–  8′ high x 6′ wide, self fertile but pollinates better with two, low maintainance

We hesitated to offer these bush cherries for years, assuming that no-one would want to bother with a hard-seeded fruit too small to pit. However, after interacting with our plants the last few years, we now see their value as a delightful out-of-hand snack and a plant that will thrive under utter neglect. It is one also one of the first things to bloom in the spring, only preceded by our apricot tree.  The glossy, slightly peeling, reddish-brown bark provides interest even in the winter.  The bushes reach 8’ high if unpruned and about 6’ wide. Can grow and even fruit in shade, though more fruit is produced in full sun.  Somewhat self-fertile, but really best with a second plant as a pollinator (these are seedlings so any two plants should work).  Our seedlings have some white- and pink-fruiting individuals in the mix but will be mostly red.

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16


Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.