Redfree Apple

Full Sun. Full Size on Antonovka, space 24′ apart, needs pollinator

Apples are the holy grail of organic growers east of the Mississippi. The host of diseases and insect pests that are drawn to this fruit makes it difficult to harvest supermarket-quality fruit without resorting to synthetic pesticides. However, by planting new (and old) disease-resistant cultivars, paying attention to soil nutrients and possibly using organic pest deterrents, it is possible to eat bright, shiny flawless apples off of your own tree. Locally-adapted varieties/rootstocks and healthy growing conditions are also keys in the puzzle of organic apple production.  Space dwarf apples 6-8’ apart; semi-dwarfs 15-20’ apart, seedling Antonovka 20-30′ apart.  All grafted plants unless otherwise noted.

Early August.   An outstanding disease resistant apple from the PRI breeding program.   Cherry red over most of the apples; a few may have hint of green on shade side.   More flavorful and crisp for fresh eating than most summer apples.   Also a good farmer’s market potential due to its earliness and bright cheery color!    Like most summer apples, not a good keeper—maybe 3 weeks with good cold storage. . . Grafted

Gallon* pots $18, 2-gallon* pots $30, 4-gallon* pots $38

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