Rosseyanka Persimmon

(Diospyros virginiana x Diospyrus kaki)

Full Sun to Part Sun. Semi-Dwarf on Seedling Rootstock, Up to 25′ tall, self-fertile

Nearly seedless 2-3″ large fruits.  This American/Asian hybrid (non-GMO) takes after the American persimmons in leaf and form, reaching up to 25′ tall, but tastes like a good mix of the two types.  Soft and wrinkly when ripe, like the American persimmon.  Self-fertile. Zones 5-8 . . Grafted

Quart pots $16, Gallon* pots $20, 2-Gallon* pots $34

Plants are rarely available in ALL sizes listed, and availability of plants varies from day to day. Please call before you come to check availability.