Collier Mulberry

Full Sun to Part Shade. Full size on seedling rootstock, early fruiting, space 15′-25′ apart, self fertile

Perhaps the single most useful tree for our area, the mulberry has copious amounts of delicious and nutritious (high protein, carbs, vitamins/minerals) fruit; is very fast-growing for quick shade and mulch production; leaves and stems are relished by most grazing livestock; and the wood is rot-resistant for fenceposts, etc.  They are used in the silk industry to feed silkworms. Even on seedlings, fruits are borne over the course of weeks rather than ripening all at once like most tree fruits.  Mulberries are delicious – they taste similar to raspberries, but with no noticeable seeds and no thorns.  The only disadvantages are the staining quality of the dark fruits; need a ladder to harvest prime berries (except for ‘Gerardi’ dwarf!); and without pruning the trees can get messy-looking, holding onto dead branches and twigs.  Mulberries can take some shade without suffering from lower production of berries.  Height to 35’.  Zones 5-9. Grafted trees on seedling rootstock.

. . Grafted

Quart pots $16, Gallon* pots $20, 2-Gallon* pots $34

Plants are rarely available in ALL sizes listed, and availability of plants varies from day to day. Please call before you come to check availability.