Autumn II American Persimmon

(Diospyros virginiana) -Full Sun to Part Sun–  Full size on Seedling Rootstock, 35-60′ tall

Quart pots $16, Gallon* pots $24, 2-Gallon* pots $36

North American native plant,   

Here in Southern Indiana we are in prime persimmon country.  Wild American persimmons literally grow like weeds in our fields.  Persimmons have no significant pest or disease problems, making them an excellent low maintenance choice.  So if they grow wild here why do you need to purchase a persimmon tree from a nursery?  There are several benefits: the most significant reason is that American persimmons are diœcious – trees are either male or female, and the males don’t fruit.  So if you plant a seedling you have a good chance of ending up with a non-fruiting tree.  We do sell seedlings for the adventurous among you, but most of our trees are grafted: a branch from an improved variety of female persimmon is grafted onto a vigorous seedling rootstock.  Most American persimmons need a male for pollination, although some cultivars are self-fertile or partially self-fertile (producing some fruit without pollination, but will produce more with a male).  If you live in the country here in Southern Indiana/Northern KY chances are you have a male persimmon tree somewhere nearby.  They don’t need to be very close for pollination.  Asian persimmons and their crosses are usually self-fertile.  

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