Carmine Goumi berry

(Elaeagnus multiflora) -Full to Part Sun–  1/2″ sweet-tart berries. Slightly sweeter than ‘Sweet Scarlet’ and twice it’s size, but berries are softer. Ornamental 6-8′ tall shrub, very disease and pest resistant, nitrogen fixer, self fertile

Another nitrogen-fixing shrub, though it is not a legume.   Very similar to autumn olive, though it is smaller in stature, has bigger berries borne in spring, and is not known to be expansive (invasive).   Thorny-stemmed bush to 8’ tall, covered with abundant early flowers that cast a strong floral fragrance.   These are followed by oblong, silvery-red, juicy 1/2” berries that have a soft, chewable seed in the center (interesting side note that this seed is very rich in healthy oils).   They have a flavor like a tart cherry mixed with apple and are the first berries to ripen here.   Fully self-fertile.  

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16

, Nitrogen Fixer  

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