Changbai Mountain Hardy Kiwi

(Actinidia arguta) -Full Sun to Part shade–  Unique heart shaped fruit, requires male for polination, zone 4b-9

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16


Kiwis for the North!  Not as large as the fuzzy kiwifruit, but with smooth, edible skin, much sweeter, and unbelievable flavor!  Taste almost perfumed with floral qualities.  Vines are breathtakingly beautiful with bright green leaves and red stems.  Trellis these in the garden or on your house for an edible and beautiful vine.  Can take shade but will fruit best in half-day to full sun (prefers afternoon shade if possible).  Vines grow fast and become very tenacious once established (‘Issai’ is somewhat smaller).   Needs sturdy trellis.   Male and female plants needed for pollination (except for ‘Issai’ which is self-fertile) but only one male needed for 8 females (keep within 50′ of male).  Space 15′ apart on trellis.

Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.