Eastern Star Female Ginkgo

(Ginkgo biloba) -Full Sun–  Full size on Seedling Rootstock, Up to 30′ tall, needs male to pollinate

Improved nut producing variety.  Slow growing up to 30′ tall.  Zones 5-8.

Quart pots $16, Gallon* pots $24, 2-Gallon* pots $36


Commonly known as a lovely landscape tree. Grafted males are what you typically see planted for ornamental purposes, but the females actually have a tasty and nutritious nut.  The reason landscapers only plant the males is that the female’s seed has an outer covering (the “fruit”) that smells terrible and is a skin irritant.  But when cleaned and roasted the seeds are easy to crack and taste great.  You need a male to pollinate the female trees if you want nuts.

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