Improved Maypop Passion Fruit

(passiflora incarnata) -Full Sun to part shade–  2×3″ flavorful seedy fruits, native, invasive vine. Self-fertile

Similar to the well-known tropical passion fruit–a perennial, very ornamental vine with showy, fringed, purple/white flowers all summer long.  Bumblebees and hummingbirds love them!  2×3″ oblong fruits turn yellow and often drop when ripe, and each contain a large amount of sweet-tart, apricot-flavored, seedy pulp.  Maypop is a native plant, but beware that it is very vigorous and invasive once established.  Plant it somewhere you can mow around it to keep it contained, as it will send out long runners underground.  A great choice for taking over a fence in the back corner of your yard or covering a hard-to-mow slope.  Maypop dies down to the ground in the winter and is late to emerge in the spring, so it is not the best choice for covering shade structures unless you only need late summer and fall shade.

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16

North American native plant,   

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