Issai Hardy Kiwi

(Actinidia arguta) -Full Sun to Part shade–  self fertile, semi dwarf, zones 5-9

Slightly smaller plant and self-fertile.  Fruits at a younger age than our other kiwis–often fruiting in their pots their second year.  Great for smaller trellises and where there is no room for a male as well.  Will produce more fruits with a male.  Green stems rather than red, so a little less showy but still gorgeous.  Fruits are longer and more “barrel shaped” than ‘Annanasnaya’, but still just as sweet and tasty.  Space 8′ apart on trellis.  Technically zones 6-9, but we’ve had zero issues with hardiness here in southern Indiana.

3” pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16


Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.