Jewel Black Raspberry

(Rubus occidentalus) -Full Sun to Part Shade–  sweet wild flavor, huge berries, early season

Early season.   A time-tested variety which still holds the main spot in nursery catalogs, and for good reason.   Black glossy berries about twice the size of wild black raspberries, twice the yield, and strong, anthracnose-resistant canes.   Definitely needs trellising or you will wind up with tip-rooted plants everywhere!   Has all the flavor of wild black raspberries—simply delectable!   Canes can grow over 10’ long; best to tip at 5′.   Space 2.5’ apart in row.  Needs well drained soil or a raised bed. Self fertile.

Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16

North American native plant,   

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