-Full Sun to Part Shade–  eddible ornamental, self fertile

A complex cross between gooseberry and European black currant.  The resulting tetraploid (simply has two sets of genes—don’t worry, this is not GMO) plant is incredibly vigorous growing and taller (to 7’) than either of its parents.   I consider Jostaberry as one of the best edible landscape plants — has fragrant cream/maroon flowers all over in spring and leaves stay glossy and green all summer.  Best of all, it is thornless!  Berries about the size of a marble, sweet/tart like a ripe gooseberry with a hint of blackcurrant flavor.   Can take more shade than gooseberries.   Space 3’-5’ apart in row. Self fertile.

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16


Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.