Lubimi Hardy Pomegranate

(Punica granatum) -Full Sun to Part Shade–  Zone 7 (or protected areas in zone 6), self fertile, but best with a pollinator

These are Russian-bred varieties that have more cold-hardiness than most pomegranates–worthy of trial in our area.  Lubimi is also sold under the trademarked name ‘Favorite’.  Pomegranates have gorgeous, red-tinged new growth and glossy green leaves all summer.  Tight, shrubby growth.  Long bloom season in early summer of big red ruffly flowers like a poppy.  Supposedly a zone 7 plant —best in a protected spot, but we as well as another local friend have had good success with them for several winters here in zone 6.  Their tops often die back to the ground, but most have come back from their roots with good vigor in the spring.  In mild winters they survive fully aboveground and those are the years you can get fruits.  We harvested 5 baseball-sized fruits from our Salavatski in the fall of 2013–they were delicious!

3″ pots $4, Quart pots $8, Gallon* pots $16


Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.