Mutsu (Crispin) semi-dwarf Apple

 -Full Sun–  Semi-Dwarf on M-111, Space 15′-20′ apart, Needs Pollinator

Mid October.   Known for its refreshing crisp and juicy texture.  Yellow delicious-type flavor that has a hint of licorice in the background and much less mealy.   A greenish-yellow when ripe, fruit is large compared to most apples.   Supposedly susceptible to some diseases yet we are offering it because it has been a star performer for us even with neglect!  Actually beats out some of the apples with known disease resistance.   Decent keeper.   [NOTE:  Mutsu is a triploid variety; it does not provide viable pollen, and still needs a pollinator; plant with two other varieties to have fruit on all of them] 

Gallon* pots $24, 2-gallon* pots $36, 4-gallon* pots $48


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