Nikitskaya Bordovaya Persimmon

(Diospyros virginiana x Diospyrus kaki) -Full Sun to Part Sun–  Dwarf on Seedling Rootstock, Up to 12′ tall, self-fertile

This American/Asian 2nd generation hybrid (non-GMO) is reportedly a back-cross between ‘Rosseyanka’ above and the Kaki Asian persimmons.  It boasts 2 1/2″ sweet, flavorful fruits that are soft when ripe.  It gets its size and taste from its Asian persimmon parents, but it is as cold hardy as an American persimmon.  Suitable for edible landscaping with it’s glossy leaves and attractive fall color.  Reaches just 12′ tall.  Commonly sold under a trademarked name which you can probably guess.  Self-fertile. Zones 5-8

Quart pots $16, Gallon* pots $24, 2-Gallon* pots $36


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