Sunrise semi-dwarf Pear

 -Full Sun–  Semi-Dwarf on OHXF 333, space 12′-16′ apart, needs pollinator

 Early August.  Earliest ripening pear we offer.  Bartlett-type fruit with slightly narrower neck and a pleasant orange-red blush on its cheek.  Fireblight resistant! 

Gallon* pots $24, 2-gallon* pots $36, 4-gallon* pots $48


All of our European pear varieties are said to be resistant to fireblight, though in Spring 2012 it plagued nearly all of our pears, even the supposedly resistant ones. Our Asian pears actually had less fireblight than the European ones. Pears are one of the easiest tree fruits to grow under organic conditions. Many insect pests which affect apples cannot propagate themselves in the very dense pear fruitlets—their larvae are actually crushed as the pear grows. Thus you may end up with some feeding scars and grit cells but have a perfectly fine fruit otherwise.  They do well in clay soils and can usually take wet soils better than apples or stonefruits.  Pears can take a little while to get established and get growing, and also are later in bearing their first fruit (4-6 yrs) than other fruit trees. All pears grafted on semi-dwarf Old Home x Farmingdale 333 rootstock, which can be maintained at 14’ tall. Space pears 14-16’ apart. gallon pot* $16 +tax

Availability of plants varies from day to day.  We rarely carry every size/price option listed at any one time.  Please call before you come to check availability.